Welcome to the Blogorail Green Loop. Today we are discussing the best ways to use your Disney Dining Plan snack credits.

When it comes to snacks, people are often confused on what they can and can’t get.

Do you know how many times I’ve heard that you can only get drinks and candy?

So not true!  In fact, I struggled to narrow down my list to only 10 of the best uses of the snack credits on the Dining Plan.

So here’s my tenative list of my favorite 10 snacks at Walt Disney World.

10.  Funnel Cake – America Pavilion, Epcot
I included this because of my husband.  He thinks this is the best way to spend a snack credit. I, however, say that we can get a funnel cake at any country fair at home.


9.  Beignets – Disney’s Port Orleans Resort
A fan favorite for awhile now, Port Orleans people brag that this is one of the perks for staying at this resort.

Who can blame them?  Drenched in honey and sugar, served warm in a big, heaping pile, it’s hard to not love these!

8.  Minnie’s Bakeshop Cookies – Various Locations in Parks and Resorts
I’m not going to lie… I may or may not load up on these while waiting for the Magical Express with any spare snack credits I may have. Sometimes it’s because I want a snack on the plane.

Sometimes it’s because I want a flavor of Disney a week from now while I’m dealing with the Disney Blues at home.

Sometimes it’s because I forgot to buy friends and family gifts and this is a great way to show them I only remember them when I’m coming home I care.

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7.  Lefou’s Brew – Gaston’s Tavern, Magic Kingdom
One of Disney’s most expensive, but popular, specialty drinks is also included as a snack credit (as long as you don’t get the specialty cup to go with).

Those opposed to spending almost $5 on a drink will find this a great option that saves money and maximizes the value of your Dining Plan credits. Just be careful…

Made with a high percentage of 100% unfiltered apple juice, this is the snack treat that may come back to haunt you too.

6.  Fruit Tarts or Cupcakes – Starring Rolls Cafe, Disney’s Hollywood Studios
There’s so much good food to choose from here, it’s hard to not just make a meal of everything. My family is obsessed with the candy coated fruit tarts, while I’m a huge fan of the red velvet cupcake.

Make sure to check out their specialty cupcakes too…  They’re pretty amazing.

5.  Anything at the Food and Wine or Flower and Garden Festivals, Epcot
Little mini-meals for a snack credit?

I’m on board!  My favorites are the Belgian waffles with berry compote, candied strawberries, and the cheddar cheese beer and bacon soup.

4.  Chicken Fried Rice – Anandapur Local Food Cafes, Disney’s Animal Kingdom
This surprisingly generous helping of rice and chicken is just a snack credit!  Make a meal of it and ask for a free cup of water…  Save those precious counter service credits for something else.

3.  Decorate-Your-Own Treat, Goofy’s Candy Company, Downtown Disney/Disney Springs
This is one of my favorites, simply because the snack credit gets you a treat and an experience.

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Guests fill out a sheet, choosing from a marshmallow treat, Mickey rice crispy pop, or gingerbread man (available seasonally), and then they decide what base, topping, and drizzle you want added on their creation.

Stand and watch as the Cast Member assembles your custom order right before your very eyes! Our favorites are the dark chocolate M&M with chocolate drizzle rice crispy treats. We weighed it at home, it was over a pound!

2.  Tie-Dye Cheesecake – Disney’s Pop Century Resort
Ok, so I’m a little biased… But I love this cheesecake!  It’s funky and it’s creamy and it’s perfect. Plus, cheesecake on a “crust” of red velvet cake? Come on, that’s awesome.

1.  Citrus Swirl!  No, Dole Whips!  No, the Citrus Swirl!  Nuh-uh, the Dole Whip Float! No way…  The… – Magic Kingdom
The only debate that has raged longer than the “what came first, the chicken or the egg?” is “which one is better? Dole Whips or Citrus Swirls?”

I’m firmly planted in team “Citrus Swirl,” but don’t count the Whip Heads  out… They’d argue that the Dole Whips are better.

They’d be wrong, but they’d argue it.

The only reasonable solution here is to try them both and decide which one you prefer.

So there it is… My list of my 10 favorite snacks at Walt Disney World.  I won’t lie, I’ve already got pangs of regret for not listing some other of my favorites… So I have to say, honorable mentions go to:

  • Candied Nuts – Magic Kingdom
  • Cheshire Cake Cups – Magic Kingdom
  • Cinnamon Rolls – Magic Kingdom
  • Anything in a Bakery – Epcot
  • Green Tea Cheesecake – Epcot
  • Elephant Ears – Disney’s Animal Kingdom
  • Specialty Cupcakes – Disney’s Animal Kingdom
  • Specialty Milkshakes – Disney’s Hollywood Studios
  • Nachos with Cheese – Disney’s Hollywood Studios
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