An Update From The Disney Chef

Hey there gang! 

First, I want to offer an apology and an explanation... First, the apology... Sorry that it's been forever since I posted any updates, to either here or the blog. I promise, I've thought of everybody here all the time and the blast I had re-creating Disney for the home cooks out there.

This was, is, and probably will always be one of the projects I think back on with pride, as I never, ever, EVER thought this blog would have the reach that it has now grown to have. The opportunities that have opened up to me as a result have been breathtaking, so I apologize that I've kind of returned that favor the readers have given my by giving me their time, attention and praise, by disappearing into Never Land. I hate that I did that to you guys and I promise that I'm in the process of rectifying it even as we speak.

Secondly, the explanation... Shortly after the last blog post, I was diagnosed with persistent degenerative Lyme disease, discovered after an infected tick bite go so badly infected, it resulted in a trip to the ER, bed rest, and a total lifestyle change.

The months after was a combination of discovering the symptoms the disease would bring on, managing them, and trying to maintain some semblance of a normal life.

Unfortunately, in the process of doing so, my blog fell to the wayside. It was never my intention to stop posting for a time, but the circumstances of my life, the illness and resulting symptoms, and a desire for privacy in managing them with my family just took away the time I had to maintain it.

I'm not trying to excuse taking a break (without telling anybody), merely explain what happened, where I went, and why I didn't give anybody any sort of indication of what was going on. I do want to say that I have read all your comments, here, on the blog, tons on Pinterest, and I don't think any of you guys will ever realize how uplifting it was to see that, despite everything, the life my blog had taken on even without me attending it regularly was growing and growing and people were meeting and coming together and sharing cooking stories as a result of the recipes I shared.

By way of an update on how things are now, there are good days, bad days, but most of all, the good days are now outweighing the bad. Life is getting back to normal and I'm so appreciative of that. For those who asked (you guys have such an awesome memory!),

I did realize my dream of running in RunDisney's Wine and Dine Half Marathon in November, and I did finish despite spending about 12 hours in the ER just 2 days before my flight to Florida. I am enrolled in the Glass Slipper Challenge for the Princess Half (I signed up before my diagnosis), and my participation for that remains in the air, but I hope for the best.

As for the blog, I'm excited and eager to share that I'm making plans to again begin updating it. Slowly but surely, I'll get to the comments here and on the blog, and I'll begin adding new content soon. I may not be updating as often per week as I was before, but I'll certainly be updating it more frequently than once every six months...

Finally, I want to thank everybody for hanging in there even though you guys as readers were more active than I was as the author. I appreciate it and I can't wait to start sharing new recipes, food experiences, pictures, and memories with you guys, hopefully, as soon as this week.

Thank you and much love,
(aka The Disney Chef)

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Ivy Cronin
Ivy Cronin
Hi, I'm Ivy Cronin. I'm an editor at The Disney Chef and I love connecting people with their favorite foods. I've been working in the food industry for over six years now, and before that, I was a housewife. My husband is a chef and we have three children: two sons and one daughter. When we're not busy with work or family life, we travel as much as possible usually to Disney World! My favorite thing about working at The Disney Chef is getting to read all the amazing stories submitted by our readers. It's inspiring to see how many people are inspired by our recipes!