1. Best Overal: Traeger Grills Pro Series 575 Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker with Wifi, App-Enabled, Black

Traeger created the original wood-pellet grill as the ultimate way to achieve wood-fired taste. Also, the Pro 575 takes it to the next level with precise temperature control. The maximum temperature that the grill can reach is up to 500°F.

Remarkably, WiFIRE technology connects your grill to home WiFi and the Traeger app allows the user to control the grill from anywhere, even in the kitchen, outdoor, or even when eating at the table.

Furthermore, the Pro 575 pellet grill offers 6-in-1 versatility to grill, smoke, bake, roast, braise, and BBQ all on the same grill. After the parties, the Porcelain grill grates makes clean up a breeze.

Traeger Grills Pro Series 575 Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker with Wifi, App-Enabled, Black

Customer Review

This wood pellet grill is seen as the market leader in pellet grills as some reason. On top of that, the Traeger Pro Series is the best-selling pellet grill. Moreover, the upgraded Pro 575 with D2 drivetrain starts quicker, heats up faster, and puts out better quality smoke.

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With the primary reason of building for family cooking, the grill space is 575 sq inches that can accommodate twenty four burgers, five rib racks, or four chickens effortlessly. While the built-in meat probe allows you to cook to perfection.

Reason to buy:

✅ Accurate temperature control

✅ Maximum at 500°F

✅ Remote control available

✅ Easy to clean

✅ 6-in-1 versatility

Reason to avoid:

⭕ Weak customer service

2. Best Large Capacity: Traeger Grills Pro Series 34 Electric Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker, Bronze

The main draw of this grill is apparent from its appearance: it’s large. This titan of a grill is more than capable of handling anything you throw at it, whether it be a weekend meal for the family or enough food to feed a regiment.

The absolutely massive 884 square inch interior can cook a veritable mountain of food at once. And, of course, that size comes with zero reduction in performance, with all of the same features as other full sized Traeger pellet grills…all at a surprisingly low price for a grill of this size!

Traeger Grills Pro Series 34 Electric Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker, Bronze

Customer Review

If you want size over anything else, this grill has you covered. It still has digital temperature control built in, as well as a spacious and easy to load hopper, and a great chimney for smoking.

Basically, it’s in both an awkward sizing and awkward price bracket, a little too large for most people while not large enough for others.

Reason to buy: 

✅ Enormous Cooking Area.

✅ Digital Temperature Controls

✅ Well built and sturdy

✅ Great design on the legs, combining mobility with steadiness

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Reason to avoid:

⭕ High price

⭕ Awkwardly sized: too small for many professionals but too big for most home cooks

3. Editor’s Choice: Traeger Grills Ironwood 885 Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker with WIFI Smart Home Technology, Black

This is all of the Traeger quality you expect, all tucked into a classy black package with a surprising amount of space inside. This can cook enough food to feed an army, whether you’re cold smoking cheeses, smoking a brisket, or just searing up a couple of nice steaks.

This grill is both easy to use, with a lot of quality of life features, and extremely feature complete so you’re never left out in the cold.

This grill has one of the best temperature ranges on the market. Being able to go under 200 degrees Fahrenheit is key for cold smoking things like cheeses or sausages, and the 500 degree maximum temperature is perfect for searing. This grill is made entirely of stainless steel, and is built to last even with some exposure to the elements.

The WiFire controller comes with a number of presets, including warming mode and several commonly used smoking temperatures. It can be hooked up to pretty much any device you’d like, including your phone, or even virtual assistants like Alexa or Google Home to enable voice commands.

Reason to buy:

Versatile cooking

Sturdy construction

Remote control available

Virtual assistants including Alexa or Google Home

Reason to avoid:

Low capacity cart


4. Best Smart Grill: Traeger Grills Pro Series 780 Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker with WIFI Smart Home Technology, Black

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The Pro 780 shines best in the grilling and smoking arenas, yielding juicy, flavorful chicken wings and an evenly smoked—albeit subtly-flavored—pork butt. Similar to the Ironwood 885, this long smoke tester compared the resulting butt to a roast pork, but it did turn out a consistent smoke ring.

If you enjoy the occasional bout of weekend grilling and would like the option to occasionally smoke meats or vegetables, the Pro 780 will probably fit the bill nicely. It’s a reasonably priced grill packed with features, and it’s easy to move around thanks to its rugged wheels.

A further pus point for this grill is the Smart Home technology attached with remote control. Hence, you can freely enjoy your parties away from the grill to avoid smoke.

Yet, if you’re looking for rich smoke flavor, the Pro 780 may be too subtle. If your grilling style involves repeatedly opening the lid to add or remove food, frustration may ensue over dropping temperatures.

Reason to buy:

Many features packed

Easy to move

Good smoking control

Reason to avoid:

Dropping temperature may happen when you open the lid

5. Traeger Grills Tailgater 20 Portable Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker, Black

As its name suggests, the Tailgater 20 Portable is meant to be…portable. Its compact size and easy-fold legs make this grill a good fit for balconies, small patios, or, yep, to load up and take to the game. You’ll find a digital controller and a handy keep warm mode—always useful while entertaining!

Our users liked this grill for its ability to infuse meats with a mild-but-lingering smoke flavor, as well as its speedy heat-up time—less than 14 minutes—and solid heat retention. The max temperature of 450°F insufficient when it came to searing, but otherwise the Tailgater 20 Portable was deemed a great value.

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The Tailgater 20 Portable is ideal for small spaces and portability where basic grilling and smoking is the goal. However, this isn’t a top-performing grill when it comes to searing, nor should it be looked to for heavy smoke flavor.

Reason to buy:

Compact and lightweight

Fit for balconies, small patios

Mild-but-lingering smoke flavor

Solid heat retention

Reason to avoid:

Not a top-performing grill when it comes to searing

6. Budget Choice: Traeger Grills Pro Series 22 Electric Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker, Bronze

This Traeger grill is significantly cheaper than a lot of its peers, without losing a ton of performance! You can enjoy the same powerful steel construction, stylish bronze and black coloring, powerful wheels, large hopper, and large interior grilling space of 572 square inches.

The grill remains easy to clean, easy to load, and easy to use compared to other pellet grills, with the same Traeger quality you’d expect in every area of its design. It’s hard to beat this as a budget friendly pellet grill.

Though, here’s a smaller Pro Series. It’s as good as all of the other Pro Series options, just a bit smaller. You get about 3 square inches less space than the one with the Echo Dot functionality, which isn’t a bad trade given it costs about 2/3 what that one costs overall.

Also, it comes with all the other great features that Traeger grills are known for; electronic temperature control capability that makes smoking easy and efficient.

The construction is good, and it has that nice sawhorse design that makes it much steadier than the straighter legged design several of these grills share.

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Reason to buy:

Well Made And Sturdy

Electronic Temperature Control

Good sized grilling space

Good steady sawhorse design

Great price for the size

Reason to avoid:

Nothing particularly unique about it compared to other Traeger grills


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