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I’m sure everybody has seen the picture of the mac-and-cheese and bacon topped cones that were posted on The Disney Food Blog last week.  

They went viral on Pinterest, Walt Disney World food sites, even mainstream media (People Magazine had an article about them!).  

The indulgent decadence of these cones fascinated everybody and people were scrambling to figure out how to get them in the parks.

Served only at the food kiosk within Hollywood Studio’s “Fantasmic!,” apparently these cones were a feature all summer at only that one location.

Despite having choice between bacon topped mac-and-cheese and “Fiesta Chili Cheese,” these flew under everybody’s radar for almost three months before they were discovered.  

And, in a cruel twist of fate, only days after they were featured at The Disney Food Blog, they were quietly removed from the menu… Meaning just as the cone was going viral and their demand was about to skyrocket, they were retired.  

According to one cast member it was simply due to the lack of demand.  It wasn’t until after their photo went viral that people started clamoring for them. Oh macaroni and cheese cone, you were gone too soon!

I’ve been flooded with requests on how to make these cones in the last few weeks, from people who aren’t getting to Disney in the near future, to people who went and sadly found they had just missed their chance to order it.  

Believe it or not, I actually got a Tweet from somebody sitting in Fantasmic! saying “At Fantasmic now. They’re not here anymore! Help @orangebirdswirl! Tell me you have the recipe! I NEED THIS!!!!!!!!!”

Well, first the bad news. These cones? They’re not made on property. That’s right… They’re this company. The good news?  I’ve got a relatively easy way to do a version of it at home.  

While not officially what they serve at Walt Disney World or Disneyland (where you can still find versions these cones), it’s pretty close. To say they were a huge smash hit in my house is an understatement.

ordered in from, as best as I can tell,

Today I’ll share a “how to” for the cones, then Wednesday I’ll share the recipe for the bacon mac-and-cheese (using a version that was once on the Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater) and chili on Thursday.

My only tip is to make sure you allow enough time for it to rise while it’s sitting on the cones. If you don’t, it will be a bit chewy. Secondly, these are best warm.  

Serve them fresh out of the oven or re-warm them in the oven or toaster oven.  Otherwise they’re a bit chewy regardless of how long they were rising for.

So, no need to mourn the loss of the mac-and-cheese cone… Ok, that’s not true. Mourn away. I know I am.

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Bread Cones

In the style of what’s served at the Cozy Cone Motel, Disneyland, and the Fantasmic! Concession Stand, Disney’s Hollywood Studios

  • 2 bags of premade pizza dough, thawed  

  • 1 egg, beaten  

  • Salt, to taste  

Remove dough from freezer bags and allow dough to rise about 45 minutes to an hour.  

While the dough is rising, using stiff cardstock, roll cardstock into a large cone.  Use a staple to secure the top of the cone (don’t staple the bottom, it’ll crush the cone) and trim excess paper.  

Wrap with aluminum foil, folding the ends of the aluminum foil over the edge of the cone (to prevent the scorching of the paper). Repeat with 5 additional pieces of paper, making a total of 6 cones, covering all with foil. Spray liberally with non-stick spray.

After dough has risen, punch down and cut each dough ball into three equal pieces (you will have 6 pieces of dough all together after cutting both balls of dough).

Working with one piece at a time on a very lightly floured surface, roll dough into a long, even, dough rope.  

Lightly press the dough rope so it is slightly flattened. Beginning at the pointed end of the foil cone, wrap up the cone, making sure that the dough touches or very lightly overlaps over each coil.  

Tuck the end in on itself after coiling up the cone. Pinch the pointy end of the roll to seal shut.  If desired, press and smooth the dough so that is thin and even up the cone.

Stand the cones, point side up, on two foil lined baking sheets. Repeat with the remaining portions of dough. Cover and allow dough to rise again about 30-45 minutes.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

After dough has risen again slightly, brush each with the beaten egg wash and dust with a pinch of salt. Lay them on their sides of greased baking sheets for baking.  

Bake in a 350 degree oven until done and the cone is a golden brown color, about 25-30 minutes (but start checking at about 15-20 minutes…  It browns quickly!). 

Remove from oven and allow to cool on the cones for about 2 minutes. Carefully remove and serve immediately.

Stuffing ideas include mac-and-cheese, chili, scrambled eggs, salad, cheesesteak, shrimp, or seasoned ground beef.

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