Hey everyone! Are you looking for a delicious and easy-to-make recipe that will make your mouth water? Well, I’ve got the perfect one for you: canned corned beef in South Africa. Not only is it super tasty, but it’s also incredibly simple to prepare. In this article, I’ll be showing you how to whip up this classic meal in no time flat. So let’s get started!

Canned corned beef has been popular throughout South Africa since colonial times. It’s an affordable and hearty dish that can easily feed a large family or group of friends. Plus, with its unique combination of flavors – from sweet potatoes to garlic and hot pepper – there are endless possibilities when it comes to creating new dishes using this versatile ingredient. So if you’re on the hunt for something different than your average weeknight dinner, then give canned corned beef in South Africa a try!

Ingredients Needed

I’m going to show you how to make a delicious canned corned beef recipe from South Africa. To get started, I need to tell you about the ingredients that are required for this dish. Firstly, it’s important to ensure your stock levels of all the necessary items before beginning – especially when it comes to food safety! You’ll need plenty of onions and garlic, as well as canned tomatoes and potatoes. Make sure you’ve got some parsley too – it really adds something special to the flavour. On top of that, you’ll also require a tin of corned beef, which acts as the main ingredient in this tasty meal. And lastly, don’t forget salt and pepper so you can season your meal just right! Now that we know what we need, let’s move on with our recipe.

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Preparing The Corned Beef

When it comes to choosing the corned beef, I always go for the canned option. It’s so easy to prepare and cooks quickly. Before cooking, I like to rinse it with cold water to remove any excess salt. Then I place it in a pot and cover it with cold water. After bringing the pot to a boil, I turn it down to a simmer and let it cook for around two hours. Finally, I remove the meat from the pot and it’s ready to be served!

Choosing The Corned Beef

Ah, nothing beats the taste of homemade corned beef! When it comes to buying canned corned beef in South Africa, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First and foremost is the canning process; make sure that you buy your corned beef from reputable suppliers who have gone through all the necessary steps for safe storage. Secondly, inspect the product upon purchase: always check to see if any cans appear damaged or bulging before purchasing them. Finally, don’t forget to read all labels carefully – especially those which contain ingredients such as preservatives and MSG. With these tips in hand, you’ll be able to pick out the perfect canned corned beef for your next meal!

Pre-Cooking The Corned Beef

Once you’ve purchased the canned corned beef, it’s time to start preparing! Before cooking your dish, you’ll want to season and marinate the meat for maximum flavor. You have plenty of seasoning options at your disposal – garlic powder, black pepper, paprika are all great choices! Marinating times can vary depending on how strong of a flavor you’d like; usually 30 minutes is sufficient but if you’re looking for something more intense then consider marinating overnight. No matter what flavors you choose or how long you marinate, proper pre-cooking techniques will ensure that your corned beef is succulent and delicious when served.

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Cooking The Corned Beef

Now that the corned beef is seasoned and marinated, it’s time to get cooking! Before you start, there are a few tips I recommend. Salting your meat before cooking can help enhance its flavor; just lightly sprinkle some salt on each side. Also, make sure to store any leftover corned beef properly in an airtight container as soon as possible after cooking for best results. Finally, when ready to cook, heat up a large skillet over medium-high heat before adding the meat. This will ensure even cooking so that all sides have a nice crispy texture. By following these simple steps, you’ll be able to enjoy delicious and flavorful corned beef every time!

Cooking The Ingredients

I’m excited to share my favorite canned corned beef recipe with you! With meal planning and some time-saving tips, this delicious dish can be on your table in no time.

First, preheat the oven according to the instructions on the package. Once it’s ready, open the can of corned beef and place it directly into an ovenproof baking dish or casserole pan. Spread out any vegetables that may have been included with the meat, such as carrots or potatoes. If not, feel free to add a few of your own for color and flavor.

Next, mix together a sauce to pour over the top. Combine 1/3 cup ketchup, 2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce and 1 tablespoon mustard in a small bowl until well blended. Pour evenly over the corned beef and vegetables. Bake uncovered at 350°F for 35 minutes or until heated through. Let stand 5 minutes before serving with mashed potatoes or steamed rice if desired.

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This mouthwatering main course is sure to become a family favorite! Enjoy!

Serving Suggestions

I’m really excited to talk about serving suggestions for canned corned beef! Sandwiches are a great way to enjoy it, especially if you add some lettuce, pickles, and tomato! Salads are also a great option – why not try adding some boiled eggs, peppers, and onion for a tasty twist? Casseroles are another delicious way to use up canned corned beef – just add some potatoes, carrots, and celery for a hearty, home-cooked meal! I’m sure there are plenty more recipes out there from South Africa that we can explore! Who’s ready to get cooking?

Sandwich Fillings

When it comes to sandwich fillings, I’m a big fan of canned corned beef. It’s so easy and versatile – you can spice it up or keep it plain depending on your mood or what you have in the pantry. There are lots of different spice options that work great with canned corned beef from classic mustard and mayo mixes to more exotic blends like harissa paste or chili flakes. If you’re looking for something quick, convenient but still packed with flavour, then canned alternatives like corned beef are perfect for sandwiches! Pile some up on fresh rye bread and top off with tasty veggies for an amazing lunchtime treat.


When it comes to meal planning and fast recipes, salads are always a great option. Not only do they take no time at all to whip up but you can also get creative with them by adding different veggies and proteins for a satisfying, nutritious meal. Plus, once you have your salad base down, there’s so much room for experimentation when it comes to dressings – from classic vinaigrettes to creamy tahini sauces. So if you’re looking for something quick yet delicious that won’t break the bank then salads definitely fit the bill!

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When it comes to serving suggestions, casseroles are a great option. Not only can you freeze leftovers for later, but they’re also very versatile when it comes to pairing side dishes with them. Plus, the best part is that you don’t have to use up all your ingredients in one go – just put together whatever veggies or proteins you have on hand and voilà! You’ve got yourself a delicious meal that’s sure to fill everyone up. So if you’re looking for something hearty and healthy that won’t take too much time then casseroles are definitely worth considering!

Variations On The Recipe

I love making canned corned beef recipes for my family. Not only is it a delicious and nutritious meal, but it’s also incredibly versatile! There are so many ways to mix up the classic recipe that even experienced cooks can find something new to try. Here are some of my favorite variations on the traditional South African dish, as well as some tips for storing the leftovers.

One of my go-to ways to switch things up is by adding different types of vegetables into the mix. I like to add diced onions and bell peppers for an extra burst of flavor and texture, or mushrooms if I’m feeling fancy. You can play around with whatever you have in your fridge – just make sure everything gets cooked through before serving.

Pairing ideas are another great way to get creative with this dish too. If you’re trying to stay healthy, serve it over steamed rice or quinoa alongside roasted veggies. Or if you’re feeling indulgent, pile it onto buttery toast or top off baked potatoes with some shredded cheese and a generous helping of canned corned beef. No matter what route you choose, your family will certainly thank you for it!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Type Of Canned Corned Beef To Use?

When it comes to canned corned beef, taste comparison is key! Different brands can vary in flavor and texture, so you’ll want to try a few different types before deciding on your favorite. If possible, look for one that’s made with high-quality ingredients like grass-fed beef and natural spices. As far as cooking methods go, grilling or pan-frying are the best options. This will help develop those delicious savory flavors without making the meat too tough or chewy.

How Long Should The Corned Beef Be Cooked For?

When it comes to cooking canned corned beef, the temperature and time depend on how you plan to serve it. If you’re looking for a full-flavored dish, consider simmering the meat in its juices at medium heat for about an hour. This will give your corned beef plenty of time to soak up all that flavor! On the other hand, if you prefer a quick meal, try grilling or frying the beef over high heat for just 10 minutes. No matter what method you choose, make sure the internal temperature reaches 140°F before serving.

Are There Any Health Benefits To Eating Canned Corned Beef?

Eating canned corned beef can offer some health benefits. It’s an affordable source of protein and contains essential nutrients like iron, zinc, thiamin and phosphorus. However, it is also high in sodium, so those following dietary guidelines should be mindful when eating this food item. Additionally, the nutrient content varies between brands, so research which brand provides the best nutritional value for you.

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What Are Other Recipes That Use Canned Corned Beef?

Storing and serving canned corned beef can be a challenge, but there are so many delicious recipes you can make with it! Some of our favorite ideas include adding the canned corned beef to tacos or burritos for an easy meal. You could also use it in casseroles, soups, omelets, sandwiches, pizzas and even salads. With some imagination and creativity, you’ll find plenty of ways to turn your canned corned beef into something special!

Is Canned Corned Beef Safe To Eat After Its Expiration Date?

When it comes to eating habits, safety is always a top priority. When it comes to canned foods like corned beef, things can get a little tricky when determining if the item is safe for consumption past its expiration date. Generally speaking, it’s not recommended that you eat any food after its expiration date as it may no longer be considered safe for consumption. If you’re unsure about whether or not your canned corned beef is still good, throw it out and buy a new one.


Canned corned beef is a great way to add convenience and flavor to your meals. It’s an affordable, easy-to-prepare option that can be cooked in minutes. With the right type of canned corned beef and proper cooking methods, you can create delicious dishes with healthy benefits. You should always check the expiration date before using canned corned beef for safety reasons.

Overall, canned corned beef provides plenty of flavourful options when it comes to mealtime preparation. Whether you’re looking for something quick or want to make a more complex dish, this versatile food item has you covered. From classic recipes like hash browns to new creations like tacos, there are countless ways to enjoy this tasty treat!