Hey everyone, I’m excited to share this amazing canned spicy pickled green beans recipe with you! If you’re looking for a way to take your pantry staples up a notch, then look no further. This is the perfect combination of flavor and convenience that will make it an easy go-to in any kitchen.

I love making these pickled beans as they add a great kick to whatever dish I’m serving them with. Plus, thanks to the canning process you don’t have to worry about having too many leftovers; once opened, simply store in the fridge for future use. So without further ado, let’s get started on this incredibly delicious recipe!

Gather The Ingredients

I’m so excited to get started on this delicious canned spicy pickled green beans recipe! Before we begin, there are a few ingredients and tools that you’ll need. The most important component is the green beans themselves – choose your favorite variety for optimal flavor and texture. You should also have some sliced onions, garlic cloves, red pepper flakes, sugar, white vinegar, water, mustard seeds, dill seed and celery seed on hand. When it comes to seasoning options, feel free to experiment with different spices and herbs in order to find the perfect combination of flavors for your brine variations. Finally, make sure you have a large pot and canning jars ready so that you’re all set when it’s time to start canning.

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Preparing The Green Beans

I’m excited to get started on this canned spicy pickled green beans recipe. Preparing the green beans is a crucial step in making sure that every jar of these delicious pickles comes out perfectly.

First, you’ll want to trim your beans by removing both ends and discarding any wilted or discolored pieces. A few tips: use a sharp knife for precision cutting, clean it between each bean so as not to cross-contaminate flavors, and try not to cut off too much from the end!

Next up are cooking techniques. If you’re using fresh green beans, blanch them first before adding them into the jars for canning. Blanching helps retain their crunchy texture and vivid color over time. You could also precook frozen green beans if desired; just make sure they don’t become mushy during the process! Once finished with prepping, you can add seasoning and start packing the mason jars full of those beautiful beans.

Now all that’s left is to proceed with completing the rest of the steps in this recipe – boiling water bath and waiting patiently while they cool down until ready to enjoy!

Making The Pickling Brine

Oh, the anticipation! Now that you have all your ingredients and spices prepared, it’s time to make the pickling brine. This is where all of those flavors will come together in a beautifully blended mix for the perfect spicy pickled green beans.

Start by combining water and vinegar in a large pot over medium-high heat. Make sure to use an appropriate ratio so that the sourness level is just right – usually two parts water to one part vinegar works best. Once they are combined, add in any desired storing spices such as bay leaves, garlic cloves, red pepper flakes or celery seed. Bring this mixture to a low boil then reduce the heat and simmer until it starts to thicken slightly.

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Once everything has been added into the brine and simmered enough, remove from heat and let cool completely before transferring it into mason jars or other sealing containers. Allow the brine to age for at least 24 hours before using it with fresh green beans for maximum flavor infusion. The aging process helps blend each individual ingredient more fully which results in better tasting pickles after canning them up!

Canning The Pickled Green Beans

I’m so excited to share this spicy pickled green beans recipe with you. It’s simple and easy, but the flavor is out of this world! To get started, you’ll need to gather a few ingredients like garlic cloves, mustard seeds, black peppercorns, white wine vinegar and of course lots of fresh green beans. You can also experiment with different spice variations for an even tastier result.

Once you have all your ingredients ready, it’s time to commence the canning process. First, bring two quarts of water to a boil in a large pot over high heat and add one-third cup of salt. Once boiling reduce the heat slightly and add all your prepared green beans into the pot, blanching them for four minutes. After that remove from heat and drain off the hot water using a colander or strainer – make sure not to overcook them as they should remain crisp!

Now take another large cooking pot (preferably nonreactive) and combine all remaining ingredients together including spices if desired; then pour in one quart of warm/hot water while stirring continuously until mixed well. Bring everything up to a low boil on medium-high heat then carefully transfer softened green beans into the mixture and simmer for 15 minutes or until tender yet still crisp. And there you have it – your delicious homemade canned spicy pickled green beans are complete!

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Serving And Storing The Pickled Green Beans

I’m sure you can’t wait to try out your pickled green beans masterpiece! You’ve worked hard and they’re ready to be enjoyed. To get the most flavor, serve them at room temperature or slightly chilled. Be sure that when serving, no brine remains on the surface of the beans – this will keep everyone safe from any bacteria present in the brine.

These pickles are great for more than just eating as is; consider using them as a topping for salads, tacos and sandwiches. They’ll add an extra zing of flavor that’s sure to please anyone who tries it! Just make sure whatever dish you choose has enough acidity to balance out their spicy kick.

Enjoy these delicious pickled green beans with friends and family, or store them away for later use. Place them in an airtight container and refrigerate until needed – they’ll last up to two weeks in the fridge. Make sure all remaining brine is discarded safely too!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does The Pickling Process Take?

When it comes to pickling time, it really depends on your taste preferences. Generally speaking, you should plan for a few hours if you want the beans to be lightly pickled and up to two days if you prefer them to be more intensely flavored. If you’re making canned spicy pickled green beans recipe in particular, then aim for at least 24-48 hours of pickling. This will make sure that the flavors have had enough time to fully infuse into the beans.

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Can I Use Fresh Green Beans Instead Of Canned?

Sure, you can use fresh green beans instead of canned when making pickled green beans. Just keep in mind that the pickling process will take a bit longer with fresh produce – usually around 2 weeks depending on your seasoning variations and alternative methods. Make sure to blanch them first before adding any spices or flavors to ensure they stay crisp throughout the pickling process.

Is This Recipe Suitable For Vegetarians?

Yes, this recipe is suitable for vegetarians. The main ingredients are green beans, spices and vinegar, all of which are vegetarian-friendly. If you don’t have canned green beans on hand, you could use fresh ones instead but be sure to adjust your cooking methods and ingredient substitutions accordingly.

What Other Vegetables Can I Pickle With This Recipe?

Pickling is a great way to add flavor and spice variations to different vegetables. When making the canned spicy pickled green beans recipe, you can experiment with other veggie varieties such as carrots, peppers or cucumbers. You could even try out zucchini or beets! Just make sure your ingredients are cut into equally sized pieces so they all cook in the same amount of time. Experiment with different flavorings too – like adding garlic, herbs or chili flakes – for an extra kick!

How Long Can I Store The Pickled Green Beans?

When it comes to food safety, you should always make sure that the pickled green beans are stored properly. The amount of time for storage will depend on the type of pickling method used. Generally speaking, canned spicy pickled green beans can be safely stored in a cool and dark place for up to one year. However, it’s best to consume them within 6-12 months after they have been canned so as to ensure their freshness and taste.

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I’m so excited to share this delicious, spicy pickled green beans recipe with you. It’s a great way to add some extra flavor and crunch to your meals! The pickling process takes about two weeks, but it’s totally worth the wait. Plus, if you don’t have canned green beans on hand, fresh ones work just as well in this recipe.

Vegetarians can enjoy these tasty treats too – just make sure to double check any additional ingredients for animal-based products. You can also mix up the vegetables by adding other types of veggies like carrots or cauliflower into the pot. And once they’re ready, store them in an airtight container and they will keep in the fridge for up to three months. Enjoy!