When they told me how to make this at Disney’s Pop Century Resort, I figured this was the easiest recipe on earth.  Really, it’s not even a recipe it’s just so blasted easy. Then, what I thought was an easy recipe turned out to be a learning experience.

I was told that this recipe was “as easy as” putting cotton candy on lemonade. I was told under no uncertain terms, put the lemonade in the cup, put the ice in the lemonade, put the cotton candy on top and “it would be fine.” It’d melt, but it wouldn’t melt quickly…

Because when I ordered this at Pop Century the day it hit the menu (nice to be on the ground floor of a food craze at Disney, I have to admit), my cotton candy floated there for a good several minutes. So I took what they said at face value and figured it wouldn’t melt.


I made this and as soon as I put the cotton candy on top, it melted and was gone. I did this about five times with the same result. Melted and gone in less than a second.

The only reason I can think of why this happened is because I used commercially bought bagged cotton candy while they use spun fresh cotton candy, or maybe they do something to it that they just forgot to tell me, like freeze it or something. Either way, I put this in the lemonade, it was gone in about half a second, totally melted.

That said, it was still a big hit, and the kids loved watching the cotton candy melt and disappear. Honestly, I think they liked it far more than if it had just floated on there. I have to admit, it is cool to watch it melt, leaving behind a little poof of rainbow color that tints the lemonade a cool electric blue.

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And really, while it doesn’t look the same, it certainly does taste exactly the same. It really did bring me back to cool nights on a lounge chair outside of the food court at Pop, watching people play in the pools or stream back into the hotel after a day at the parks.  It really was quite nice.

However, this brings me to the second thing I learned…

This relaxing effect does not occur when you give it to children.  I was hoping I’d be the cool mom who gave everybody the cool drink for a birthday party.

Well, I was, but I also became mom of three children who should have been winding down for bed but were actually bouncing off the ceilings.

So many lessons learned…

~~~~  °o°  ~~~~

Cotton Candy Lemonade

In the style of what is served at Everything POP! Food Court, Disney’s Pop Century Resort

  • Minute Maid Lemonade, chilled
  • Water, chilled
  • Crushed ice
  • Cotton candy, any flavor and color

Mix three parts Minute Maid Lemonade to one part chilled water.  Add ice.  After serving, top with cotton candy and watch it melt!

Suggested that each serving is made individually and not in a pitcher.


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