Here’s one of the best types of recipes in my Disney recipe catalog…  Vintage Disney.  A recipe that not only captures a slice of Disney, but a slice of Disney from “back in the day.”  Granted, a similar version of this dish is still in circulation around Disney, but let’s be honest…  The number of dishes that call for two generous portions of dairy and fat have dwindled considerably.

The other fun thing about this recipe is it’s authentic, very different from the Alfredo most people are familiar with, though almost exactly like the Alfredo I found across Europe.  No cream sauce, no milk, nothing beyond pasta, cheese, butter, and seasoning.  The magic of this dish is that the stars are the cheese and the pasta, creating this really vibrant and rustic dish that will hit you in a way very different from creamy Alfredo.

Because this dish is all about the simple flavors of pasta and cheese, the quality of the ingredients is key.  Shakey cheese in that green container and hard pasta will make a dish that will taste completely different from fresh pasta and grated Parmesan. 

This meal is only as good as the ingredients you use and it’s not the dish to use less-than-quality components.  Fresh pasta and fresh parm are key and will make, or break, the meal.  Go for the best and this Alfredo will make you wonder why you’d ever have that creamy substitute.

A note on the butter…  This recipe calls for butter, and a lot of it.  I was on the fence on how much to include and, in the end, I went with the full amount called for in the recipe.  In truth, this is supposed to have lots and lots of butter, but if it were me, I think half the amount listed in the recipe is more than enough. 

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On the flip side, I did add a little extra cheese with absolutely decadent results.  And keep in mind, this doesn’t reheat well at all…  Plan to make only what you need or eat the leftovers cold.  I personally think it’s great cold, almost like a pasta salad, but I know most would disagree.  I also think that leftover bacon from yesterday’s meal would go really, really well crumbled up in the noodles…

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Fettuccine Alfredo
As is served at Italy Pavilion, EPCOT

  • 1 pound fettuccine noodles, fresh
  • 1 cup butter, softened, cut
  • 1/3 to 1/2 cup Parmesan cheese, fresh grated
  • Black pepper, freshly cracked
  • Additional Parmesan cheese, garnish

Drop fettuccine into boiling salted water and cook until it floats to the top of the boiling water, about 2 to 3 minutes.  Drain immediately (do not rinse) and return to pot.  Add softened butter and cheese, tossing noodles until well coated.  Season with pepper and additional cheese, if desired.

Serve immediately.


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