Gather your cleaning supplies

Gather your supplies and get ready to clean.

A scrub brush. You can use a wire brush for this, but a sponge or even just some rough cloth will do the job as well. For stubborn stains, you can also use a steel wool pad with soap instead of water as it is more abrasive than any other cleaning tool in this list and will remove much more dirt from the grill grates.

Soap and water mixture (use one teaspoon of dishwashing liquid per quart of water). This will help soften up any food residue that might be stuck on the grates so you can scrub them off easily in step 3 below!

Aluminum foil or paper towels: To protect yourself against burns while working with hot charcoal grills, always wear protective clothing like long pants and closed-toe shoes when handling hot surfaces like grills; protective eyewear is also very important because you don’t want dust or ash particles falling into your eyes while working around open flames like those found inside charcoal grill lids!

Alternatively, keep some wet paper towels handy so they’re ready when needed during cleanup work. They’ll come in handy if some ash gets into your eyes during cleanup activities such as sweeping off debris from around burners after cleaning has been done.


Clean the grill grate and the charcoal grate

Removing the charcoal grate is easy: scrape it clean with a wire brush, or use tongs to pull out any stuck-on bits.

Once you’re done cleaning the grill grate, you can start cooking. Just be sure to clean your charcoal grate before you do so; otherwise, all those crumbs will burn up and smoke your food instead of adding flavor! You can either use a grill brush or scraper (the one shown here has two sides), but don’t forget about that wire brush for tough spots.

If you want to know more about How to clean a charcoal grill grate, check out details on The Disney Chef website.

Scrub with aluminum foil

You can use a piece of aluminum foil to scrub the grill grate and charcoal grate or a brush or other cleaning utensil like a wire brush to clean the bottom of the grill.


Clean the bottom of the grill and the lid

Clean the bottom of the grill. If your grill has a removable bottom tray, remove it and clean it with soap and water. If you don’t have a removable tray, use a wire brush to scrub down the bottom of your grill.

Clean the lid. Remove any excess grease or grime using a damp cloth. Be careful not to get water in between vents and cracks. This can cause rusting!

Once these two parts are cleaned, wipe down all other surfaces with soap and water, then dry them thoroughly before replacing them on their hinges (or wherever they’re supposed to go). Don’t use steel wool or other abrasive cleaners, they’ll scratch off any remaining protective layers on your grill’s surface!


Put the grill back together

Put the grill back together. You’ve cleaned and scraped off all the soot from inside your grill, but that’s not enough to keep it working properly.

To ensure that it heats up to a high temperature, you’ll need to reassemble all of its parts: the main body of the grill, the hoods, and any other items attached to them and secure them with screws or clamps.

Make sure all of your parts are in place. If you’re missing any pieces or anything else appears damaged during assembly, contact an appliance repair specialist before proceeding further with cleaning your grill (or consider buying a new one).

This will help prevent damage to other surfaces while allowing air flow into various areas of each component as well as providing space for heat conductivity throughout its structure.


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