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Move the grate

This method is distinctive in that it must be completed before you begin cooking and that it can be unpredictable.

When you want some cooler cooking temps, take a moment and move your grate as high up as you can since the farther it is from the coals, the cooler the grill will be.

Aluminum Foil

The tried-and-true aluminum foil method should be used if your grill is too hot even with the grate fully extended. Your meal will cook more slowly if it is placed on aluminum foil.

To further lower the temperature, feel free to fold the foil a few times. This technique is convenient because, as long as you have tongs you can use to remove the foil from the grill, you can increase or reduce the amount of aluminum foil while you cook.

Rearrange the Coals

For cooler cooking, stack the coals on one side of the grill or put them in a low layer at the bottom of the grill. You can also use various offset smoking techniques.

If you spread the charcoals out into a single layer at the bottom of the grill, they will burn out rather rapidly, which can also assist you leave the campsite quickly.

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Adjust the Air Vents

Your charcoal grill’s air vents are there for a reason. Your charcoal grill will become more warm if you leave them wide open.

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Therefore, try partially closing them to cool off your grill. This is another technique you may use while grilling as long as you adjust the air vents with a rag or other fabric because they might be heated.

The charcoals should be set up as previously described, and the air vents should be completely closed to extinguish the coal.

Use water

First and foremost, never, ever, ever pour water onto hot coals since doing so can ruin your grill and release hot steam that can burn you.

Instead, you can use a spray bottle to lightly mist the coals with water to make sure they are completely extinguished after spreading the coals out, covering the grill, and waiting for 15 minutes.

Only when you are prepared to leave your campground should you apply this technique, and even then, only with extreme caution.


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