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Light the fire

The charcoal should be at least 2-3 inches deep, before you place the wood chips in. If you are using a chimney starter, first fill it with charcoal and light them.

You will have to wait for about 15 minutes towards the end of this step before adding your wood chips, so make sure they’re ready by then!

Once open flames appear from your chimney starter or lighter fluid (not recommended), add approximately 5 pounds of briquettes to each side.

Spread evenly over entire surface area of grill grate so that as many coals are exposed as possible without covering any holes for air flow. This is important because it helps regulate temperature during grilling time later on when cooking begins! Wait another 10 minutes until all coals have turned white (they won’t turn black yet).

Once cooled down slightly from initial ignition stage where heat was hottest but still hot enough where flammable materials might ignite if not careful.

You can now add in one handful at a time around perimeter edge closest tooo get started slowly introducing smoke flavor into meat while cooking process takes place over next hour or two depending on how much food needs turning once finished cooking last batch.”

Prepare Foil Packets or Your Smoker Box

If you are using a smoker box, place the wood chips in it and cover with more wood chips.

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If you’re not using a smoker box, fill up an empty tin can with as much wood as will fit (the container should be at least 1/3rd full) then light it on fire until all of the lighter fluid burns off and only smoke remains. (You may want to wear gloves while doing this.)

The key here is to avoid burning too many holes in the foil packet so that when you add water later on there will be enough to cover all of your food without making them soggy or steaming them out before they have time to cook through properly.

If there is too much water inside then it could end up being too wet for proper combustion during cooking time which would also result in less heat generated from burning logs – so find balance between these two extremes!

Add Charcoal and Wood Chips to Grill

You’ll want to use a charcoal grill with an adjustable grilling grate. This will allow you to control the amount of heat that reaches your wood chips, while still allowing them to smoke properly.

Start by adding one pound (16 ounces) of charcoal briquettes to the bottom of your grill or smoker box. Wait until they’re covered in ash, then use tongs or a shovel to spread out the coals evenly across the bottom of your grill before lighting them. Do not add any more coals until necessary!

When you’re ready for them (typically after about 20 minutes), add another pound of briquettes and allow them time to become covered in ash as well before lighting them up as well.

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The total amount of fuel needed will depend on how big your grill is and how long you’d like it to run, the more food you have cooking on it at once, the less time between adding new charcoal chips needs be.

Ready to Grill

Now that you’ve got your grill set up, it’s time to start grilling! Place the food on the grill and get ready to cook.

Your grill should be ready for you to add your favorite meats and other items. But bear in mind that you should try to prevent the smoke from escaping by keeping the grill’s lid closed as much as you can.

For foil packets or smoker boxes: Open the top of a smoker box or foil packet and place directly over hot charcoal (with an optional cooking grate in between if needed). Close lid for 5 minutes, then rotate 90 degrees and close again for 5 more minutes. Check back frequently until done, adding additional chips as necessary.

For wood chips: Open bottom vent on grill; place small handfuls of chips directly over hot coals; close lid; open vents fully after 20 minutes of smoking time has passed. Check back frequently until done, adding additional chips as necessary.


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