It’s been awhile since I’ve shared the “recipe” for one of Disney’s classic and signature drinks, so I’m super excited to share this one. This is a recipe I got years ago from the bartender at Banana Cabana, back when this drink was the signature (and I believe exclusive) drink of Shutters at Caribbean Beach Resort, my favorite resort hotel.I believe it was the last night of our 2008 stay and I wandered over to Banana Cabana for one last drink before packing up and leaving in the morning.

The bartender, who has to be the friendliest bartender in the world, asked me the usual Disney questions, and we stumbled on the topic of Coral Reef Restaurant in EPCOT. I talked about this amazing waiter who actually brought me two desserts because I was leaning towards the key lime pie when he said the Jack Daniels mousse was the best dessert in the world.  I ended up ordering the Jack Daniels mousse, mostly to appease our incredibly sweet and very insistent waiter, but really wished for the pie.


To my surprise (and happiness) he brought the mousse to eat and the pie to enjoy in my room after fibbing and stating it was my birthday in order to get us the extra dessert at no charge. I said that it was an incredible and memorable bit of Disney magic.

The bartender smiled and told me that I “had to try” the key lime coconut martini. The idea of key lime with coconut perked me right up, but I’m just so not a martini person. It’s just too strong for my weak tummy. He smiled and told me if I didn’t like it, it was no charge.

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Willing to try any alcohol from a perfect stranger on the promise of not having to pay for it proved to be too tempting, and I took him up on his offer.  The thing looked exquisite and with the rim dusted with graham crackers, it even vaguely looked (and smelled!) like a key lime pie. One sip and I was in heaven…

It was strong but the flavors all worked together so beautifully.  It was one of the few times I actually wished I could have more then just one glass. The bartender was sweet enough to give me the recipe without me even having to ask for it, which is a good thing, since I’d have never remembered to ask for it on my own… Did I mention that this sucker is strong?

And the bartender was nice enough to still give me the drink for free, saying that since I was going to order something else and only changed my mind at his suggestion, he didn’t feel right charging me. Disney magic with alcohol is the best thing ever.

In the years since I had this drink, it’s become available all across Disney’s properties, most notably Coral Reef Restaurant, Kouzzina (though the recipe may vary slightly) where it is a featured drink at various times of the year, as well as the other places that serve alcohol. It’s a delicious, though it’s so strong, you may not remember how good it is the next day!

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Key Lime Coconut Martini

As is served at Shutters at Caribbean Beach Resort, Coral Reef at EPCOT, Kouzzina by Cat Cora at Downtown Disney, and numerous other eateries across WDW

  • 1 shot Midori Melon liqeur
  • 1 shot vanilla-flavored vodka (like Stoli)
  • 3 shots liquid pina colada mix
  • 1 shot pineapple juice
  • 1 lime (or 5 key limes) (or 1-2 tablespoons lime juice)
  • graham cracker crumbs, for rimming the glass
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Combine all ingredients but the lime. Pour over ice in a cocktail shaker. Squeeze lime into the shaker and shake vigorously. Strain into a martini glass that’s rimmed with crushed graham crackers (to rim, dip the edge of the glass into water, shake of excess, and dip into graham crackers.


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