Movie Night – Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

Welcome to this month’s Blogorail Yellow Loop. Today we are sharing movie night ideas based on Disney movies from the 80s.

As anybody who follows me on social media can tell you, I’m a fan of “Star Wars.” Yes, I’ll admit that I’m a Johnny-Come-Lately who fell into fandom only after “The Force Awakens” was released, but truly enjoying the “Star Wars” movies as an adult has had some perks… Like sharing the experience of discovering the series with my kids.

Now our whole family has grown into “Star Wars” obsession… And it has been awesome.

Since movie nights are a big deal around our house, I’d had the idea of a “Star Wars” night kicking around in my brain for awhile, but it wasn’t until my kids (a pack of boys) said “Why is every movie night we do about princesses?” “Can we have a “Star Wars” night this summer?” that I finally got off my tush and started planning a truly epic “Star Wars” themed dinner.

The kids only had two requests… They wanted the dinner to be themed to their favorite “Star Wars” movie, “The Empire Strikes Back,” and they wanted something totally over-the-top and unlike anything they’d ever had for dinner before.

No pressure, right?


  • X-Wings in a Blanket

  • Sith Snack Mix

  • Wampa Arm

  • Dagobah Swamp Sludge

  • Lando’s Ol’ Smoothie

Overall, this was pretty fast to put together, which is awesome.

For the Sith Snack Mix, my oldest son dipped pretzel sticks in melted white chocolate, rolled them in red sprinkles, and left them to dry… Pretzel lightsabers… Get it? As they set, I made plain ol’ salted popcorn, laid it out on a cookie sheet, added some Hot Tamales, drizzled some melted milk chocolate over the top, and sprinkled on some crushed chocolate graham crackers.

After popping it all in the freezer for about 10 minutes to set, I pulled it out, threw it in a bowl, and tossed in the “pretzel lightsabers.”

The X-Wings in a Blanket were even simpler. A can of crescent rolls, a package of cheesy cocktail sausages, and an oven… That’s all it took!  I unrolled the dough, but kept the crescent rolls together in their little rectangles. After pinching the seams closed, I cut the dough into strips (along the short edge) and wrapped them in “u” shapes around the cocktail sausages to make X-Wings. 10 minutes in a 350 degree oven and done!

The Dagobah Swamp Sludge was the biggest experiment of the batch… I crushed some chocolate graham crackers and sprinkled it along the bottom of a bowl. Then I added some gummy worms. Over top, I poured some green Jello liquid (prepared as the package directs for the quick-set method).  

The heat of the Jello made the worms melt slightly and the chocolate graham crackers floated through the Jello like dirt.  After it set, I used more crushed graham crackers to make a dirt-island and “crashed” a model X-Wing in the mess. Ta da!

For the main meal though, the showstopper was for sure the Wampa Arm Meatloaf. I used the meat loaf recipe from 50’s Prime Time Cafe (I did switch out the meat for ground turkey though…) and shaped it into the shape of the Wampa arm on a lined cookie sheet. After baking it until it was just about done, I covered it with some mashed potatoes and let it bake another 10 or so minutes.  The bloody stump?  Just sweet spaghetti sauce.


Everybody likes to be the cool mom and, for tonight, I totally was the cool mom.

When I brought out the X-Wings in a blanket, I got a lot of laughs. My middle son looked at the Jello mixture with wide eyes and a huuuuuuge grin. While I was secretly wondering if it would actually taste good, he dove in and helped himself to seconds.  

And thirds. And half of fourths. And the snack mix? It made for the perfect party grub. Since my oldest did most of the work, he was very proud to put something out there that he had made himself.

The Wampa Arm… Holy cow. Not to toot my own horn (toot! toot!), but the kids were totally blown away. My oldest son declared it the coolest food he’d ever eaten, while my middle son stood there and stared at it with a huge smile. “It’s the arm from the movie!”  

My youngest son… He liked it, even though he was a tad uneasy about the whole bloody arm stump thing. While the other two were fighting over who would be the one to eat the stump, he was perfectly happy with a slice from the middle.

I have to say the biggest surprise reaction over the meal came from my husband. He was dubious over how one marries “Star Wars” and food in a way that’s fun but still makes sense, but he reacted like an excited kid over eating themed food to one of his favorite movies. And by how he was taking pictures and sharing it with friends, I kinda wish I had invited a few more adults to the party.

Overall, our movie night was a smashing success and the kids are already begging for another movie night feast.

Now, what movie to do next?


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