I’ve been obsessed with carbs lately!  Blame it on the diet or my training for the Wine and Dine Half, but I feel like if I were left to my own devices, I’d snack on pasta all day. When I went looking for a pasta recipe, I found this one from Biergarten which made me so happy…

Being second generation from Germany and having been to Germany several times, I realized I was also craving some German style food. Since my reservation at Biergarten is still about 75 days away, I thought this was perfect.

Now, when I was making this,I had the strangest feeling that I’ve made this recipe before, but I looked and looked and didn’t see that I had… So if I’ve posted it and it’s a repeat I apologize… At least it’s amazing enough to warrant a double-post!


This is super easy to put together (a refreshing change after my birthday recipe…) and it’s incredibly kid-friendly.  Honestly, most home cooks probably have a similar recipe stowed away in their back pocket for fast, delicious family dinners. If not, they should and this is the one to choose! My only feedback on this recipe is that the quality of the cheese can make-or-break this dish.

I wished after I’d had the first bite that I’d invested in nicer cheese than the generic store brand… Nicer cheese would have made this dish absolutely sing! For the caravores out there, you can add bacon or very small diced ham for an extra little something and I bet it would taste fabulous. Really, this serves as an excellent base for something more complex with meats and different cheeses, or it can be served as-is for a ridiculously hearty meal.

The great thing was this was an amazing reminder of both my time in Germany and the dinner we had at Biergarten. The fact it could be served in this huge, family-style casserole dish reminded me of lining up in front of the buffet at Biergarten and trying to restrain myself, but it also reminded me of the very traditional dining we enjoyed all through Germany. So many of their meals are food-focused family time (we had meals that lasted for hours…

Most of them lasted hours, actually…) and it’s not at all difficult to imagine that this easy-to-make dish that serves an army and tastes good warm or cold would be on the table. Cheesy without being too cheesy, crunchy like chips on the top and sides from that delicious cheese and macaroni “crust,” but soft and ooey gooey in the middle… I’m excited for leftovers and for Biergarten all over again.

~~~~  °o°  ~~~~

Nudel Gratin

As is served at Biergarten, Germany Pavilion, EPCOT

  •  1 1-pound box of elbow macaroni
  •   2 cups heavy cream
  •   2 eggs
  •   1/4-1/2 teaspoon of salt
  •   dash of white pepper
  •   dash of nutmeg
  •   4-6 ounces of Swiss cheese, shredded
  •   4-6 ounces of white cheddar cheese, shredded
  •   1/2 cup additional Swiss cheese, shredded  (for topping)
  •   1/2 cup additional white cheddar, shredded  (for topping)

Preheat oven to 375.

Cook elbow macaroni according to package directions in heavily salted water in a large pot until the pasta is al dente. Drain, return to the pot it was cooked in, and set aside.

While pasta is cooking, combine heavy cream, 3 eggs, salt, pepper, nutmeg, and the two cheeses (not including the 1/2 cup of each cheese reserved for the topping). Whisk together until egg is mixed and cheese is evenly distributed in the mixture. Pour the mixture into the noodles resting in the pot, stirring and folding carefully so that the mixture is evenly distributed with the noodles.

Pour the mixture into a greased 16×9 baking dish (cream will fall to the bottom of the mixture, this is OK). Cover with foil and bake for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes has passed, remove from the oven and top with the remaining cheese, spreading evenly. Return the oven and bake an additional 15 minutes or until cheese is melted and slightly browned.

Cool slightly before slicing into squares and serving.


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