Two Pop Tarts, egg, bacon, and cheese? This has to be one of the craziest recipes out there at Walt Disney World.


I know what you’re thinking. This is not a real thing. I have to be making it up for April Fool’s Day. This can’t be an actual meal that you can go to a counter, order, and eat.

Well, I’m here to verify that not only is this a real thing and they serve it at Pop Century, but according to my husband, it’s the best use of a breakfast dining credit anywhere in Walt Disney World.

No, I am not joking.

In fact, when we went to Disney for the Wine and Dine Half Marathon last November, my husband ordered not one, not two, but three of these things only a few hours after finishing the half.

While I sat there and vainly picked at my Pop Waffle hoping that my stomach would want food ever again, he ate every last bite of all three sandwiches and debated getting a fourth. My husband is legendary for his iron stomach.

I can honestly say I had no desire to try this. I didn’t even have a bite of his sandwich, not that I could have had one if I had wanted it. This just seems like a sugary, salty, hot mess to me. Even with my very well publicized love of bacon, I just wasn’t tempted.

Maybe it’s because I can barely stand Pop Tarts, or maybe it’s just because I’m not a breakfast sandwich person. But when I said I was making this, my husband could not contain his excitement. He has been asking me all week which day was Pop Tart Breakfast Sandwich day.

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The verdict according to my husband? Just as amazing as they are at Pop Century. Total sandwiches consumed? Four. Number of regrets? For me, too many to count. But for him, today was the “best day ever.”

Happy April Fool’s Day everybody! What are your plans for today? Did you “get” anybody, or did anybody “get” you? What are your thoughts on using Pop Tarts as the bread to a breakfast sandwich?

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Pop Tarts Breakfast Sandwich – Everything Pop Food Court


Recipe type: Breakfast

Cuisine: American

As is served at Everything Pop Food Court, Disney’s Pop Century Resort



  1. Toast Pop Tarts according to package instructions using toaster or toaster oven.  While Pop Tarts are toasting, combine egg and milk and mix well. In a small frying pan sprayed with nonstick spray, using a egg sandwich mold (if desired), pour eggs into pan. When almost set, flip and cook on other side until egg patty is no longer runny, making an egg patty.
  2. To assemble, layer Pop Tart frosting side down, egg, bacon, and cheese, toast open face for 1 minute to melt cheese, then top with remaining Pop Tart with frosting facing up. Serve warm and immediately.


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