Chadd Kub

Hi! I'm Chadd Kub, and I'm an editor at The Disney Chef. I love to cook, and I've been doing it for as long as I can remember. As a kid, my mom would always let me help her make dinner; she used to tell me that cooking was like writing a story it's all about knowing what goes together and how much of each ingredient you need to make the whole thing great. Now that I'm older, I still think of cooking as a form of storytelling: every time you cook something new, you're telling your own unique story. I also love chess it's such an interesting game because it engages so many different parts of your brain at once: there's strategy, but also tactics; there are abstract concepts like space and time that matter when you're playing chess; there are spatial relationships between pieces on the board… It's so cool! I hope to bring those two passions together here at The Disney Chef I want our readers (and hopefully yours too!) to feel like they're learning about food while also improving their chess skills.


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