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I am a red velvet cake monster.  I love all forms of red velvet cake.  Put it in a cookie, put it in an ice cream, put it in an M&M, I don’t care.  I will eat it and I will love it.  

One of my favorite things about Valentine’s Day is the fact that the snack food world becomes absolutely loaded with all forms of red velvet cake flavors.  With red velvet Oreos on the horizon, I was already prepared for this to be a pretty awesome February.

But when a contact 50’s Prime Time Cafe asked me if I wanted one of the two recipes they use to make their seasonal red velvet cupcake shakes?  Best. February. Ever.

I could not wait to make this.

Some fun facts about this milkshake…  It started as a seasonal treat to coincide with Valentine’s Day.  Thanks to Starring Rolls Cafe, Disney’s Hollywood Studios had become something of a surprise spot to find some pretty great seasonal foods that honor the year’s most romantic month (objectively speaking).  

After some great feedback from guests, the following year various restaurants added little Valentine touches here and there, one of which was the red velvet cupcake milkshake at 50’s Prime Time Cafe.  Then, what started as a seasonal-only offering became a semi-regular offering on 50’s Prime Time Cafe’s unlisted specialty milkshake menu.

I suspect this is because people realized just how awesome this shake really is and that just one glass is enough to inspire cravings for this shake for months.  Case in point: I made this yesterday and I’m already fantasizing about when I’ll make it again (which is later tonight, by the way).

One thing to keep in mind, this is one of two recipes that is out there.  One uses actual red

velvet cupcakes while the other relies on red velvet ice cream with frozen red velvet cake in it, instead of vanilla ice cream and the cupcakes.  Both are good, but I went with what is their more well-known, signature version of this milkshake usually found this time of year.

For anybody who even has a passing love of red velvet, you have to try this.  For certified red velvet cake addicts like me, this is the holy grail of both milkshakes and red velvet.  

There’s no “I guess this kind of tastes like red velvet.”  This a full force, not even slightly subtle, in-your-face creamy red velvet flavor, complete with a light cream cheese frosting flavor.  Really, it’s amazing.  Very nearly the perfect food.

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