Should You Exchange or Refill Your Propane Tank?

Propane is a safe and efficient way to cook, heat, and power appliances. But when you're ready for a refill, do you refill your propane tank or exchange it? We've got the answers in this article.

Advantages of Tank Exchange

If you’re not interested in filling your tank up every few months, propane tank exchange allows you to skip the hassle of refilling and worrying about whether or not you have enough propane for the winter.

Plus, it saves time: instead of driving all over town trying to find a place that will refill your tank, just head to a location that exchanges tanks.

Some places even offer next-day pick-up so that when they get your old one, they can have a new one ready for you the following day!


Tips for Tank Exchange

  • Choose a propane exchange station that is certified and registered with the National Fire Protection Association.

  • Check the exchange station's rating on the NFPA website to make sure it's up to date. If you're unsure about any information provided on their website, give them a call for more details before making an appointment.

  • Make sure there are no leaks in your hoses or connections when you arrive at the propane exchange station and that everything is tight so no gas can escape during your fill-up process.

Advantages of Refilling

Refilling is a great option if you're looking to save money since you can refill your tank on your own and avoid extra charges. For example, let's say you have a 20-pound propane tank that needs refilling every six months.

Buying a new tank every time could cost anywhere between $100 and $200 depending on the size of your tank. Refill kits for such tanks are generally around $50-$100.

If you buy one refill kit per year, then within five years' time (15 tanks total), it will cost about $600-$1,300 to fill each of those bottles and this doesn't take into account any repair or maintenance costs associated with refilling them when done incorrectly (which can cause explosions!). With that said:

Refilling also has several advantages over purchasing a new one:

  • You can refill whenever necessary without having to wait for delivery! This means less hassle and more flexibility in terms of scheduling deliveries at inconvenient times like during holidays when gas stations may be closed due to traffic congestion caused by holiday shoppers looking for deals on presents before Christmas day arrives next week (if they haven't already).

  • There's no need for messy cleanups after using these tanks either because they're made from plastic instead

Tips for Refilling

There are a few things you should know before refilling your propane tank.

  • Check the tank for leaks. If there are any holes in the tank, they will leak gas and out of control when refilled with propane. Be sure to check it thoroughly by running your fingers around the sides, bottom, and top of your tank to find any holes that may have appeared since you last used it (or before).

  • Make sure the valve is closed, and then turn off the gas! Keep one hand on the hose connected to your refill station or rental truck or tractor (if using one) and use another hand for turning off valves at both ends of your home’s gas line: inside on the gas supply line coming from the street meter; outside on utility room wall where regulator connects securely onto house pipe/gas line coming inside through foundation wall opening which prevents heat loss.


So, should you exchange or refill? Let's review the pros and cons of both options again. For exchange, the main advantage is convenience you don't have to fill out any paperwork or wait in line at the gas station.

On refilling, on the other hand, you'll save money on gas because it's much cheaper than exchanging your tank. There's also less risk involved in refilling since there are fewer things that could go wrong when filling up a new propane tank than when exchanging one.

Now it's up to you! Which option do you think is best? Do feel free to let us know what type of fuel storage system works best for your needs by leaving a comment below so others can benefit from what we've shared today.

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