1. Best portable charcoal grill: Grill,Charcoal Grill Folding Portable Grills

Although this grill is built of metal rather than the typical clay or ceramic coating used in traditional Japanese grills, it nonetheless adheres to the general concept.

However, due to its adaptability and practicality, it merits a mention in this evaluation. This is, in my perspective, a contemporary take on a traditional yakitori.

This substantial charcoal grill has a grilled surface size of 175 square inches. The ISUMER Charcoal Grill is lightweight, versatile, and long-lasting.

You can carry this grill anywhere you go thanks to its detachable legs. This is excellent for camping, tailgating, and trekking.

The four removable legs on this yakitori grill make it the perfect portable grill. It might be a useful griller for outdoor gatherings or a camping buddy. Stainless steel makes up this vintage yakitori grill.

Any type of meat can be cooked on it with lump charcoal because it is reliable and simple to use. On the lowest level of this premium stainless steel barbecue is a charcoal grate.

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Grill,Charcoal Grill Folding Portable Grills with Reinforce Support Frame,Small Grill as Grill Accessories,Stainless Steel Outdoor Charcoal Grill for Outdoor Cooking,Picnics,Independence Day

Customer Reviews

The assembly is simple. The grill has handles on both sides to make carrying it easy. Controlling the heat is simple because to the side ventilation.

Reason to buy: 

✅ Stainless steel charcoal model

✅ 15 x 12 inches of cooking space

✅ Detachable legs

✅ Good for campsites

Reason to avoid: 

⭕ More challenging to clean

2. Best Overall: Fire Sense 60450 Yakatori Internal Grates Charcoal Chrome Cooking Grill

The handcrafted porcelain Fire Sense Large Yakitori Grill is reminiscent of traditional Japanese tabletop grills. This is a larger tabletop Japanese yakitori charcoal barbecue perfect for grilling chicken, vegetables, and skewered meats.

Excellent clay grill with lots of useful features is the Fire Sense Large. This grill has 157 square inches of cooking area and a one-year warranty.

On the base, there are 2 movable vents for regulating the temperature. It has a cooking grate with a chrome plating that is simple to clean.

Its 17 x 10 inch surface area may be suitable for use on patios or balconies of houses or apartments. At least 3 large chicken skewers or 6 tiny chicken skewers can fit on it. To ensure a uniform distribution of heat, the interior is coated with ceramic material.

Fire Sense 60450 Yakatori Internal Grates Charcoal Chrome Cooking Grill Japanese Table BBQ Handmade Using Clay Adjustable Ventilation For Outdoor Barbecues Camping Traveling - Large - Tan

Customer Reviews

High temperature settings between 450 and 500°F are not a problem for it. It is a portable and small Japanese yakitori grill.

Reason to buy: 

✅ Handcrafted clay base

✅ Chrome grilling rack

✅ 2 air vents

✅ Includes a stand and handles

Reason to avoid: 

⭕ Clay exterior must be kept dry.

3. Best table-top charcoal grill: Noto Dia Table-top Charcoal Grill, Shichirin Hida Konro (Rectangular)

Traditional yakitori grills like the Noto Dia are Hida Tabletop charcoal grills, which are frequently found in Japanese eateries. Chinese characters are used as the design on a special Japanese paper cover for the grill’s body.

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Because the grill has no handles or legs, as you may have noticed, its body and other metal pieces may become heated when in use. Therefore, take great care to avoid unintentional burns.

Grills made of diatomaceous earth have better heat insulation. Remember that Diatomaceous grills cannot be washed, thus after using the grill, you simply need to let it cool down before wiping it down with a moist cloth.

Use of this grill during tabletop grilling events is ideal. On the front and back of it, there are three vents.

Noto Dia Table-top Charcoal Grill, Shichirin Hida Konro (Rectangular)

Customer Reviews

They are not adjustable, however the base allows for unrestricted airflow. To stop heat from migrating to other surfaces, the foundation is made of wood. A grill made of zinc-plated iron is included with this barbeque grill.

Reason to buy: 

✅ Authentic Japanese charcoal grill

✅ Diatomaceous earth construction

✅ Iron cooking rack

✅ Wooden base

Reason to avoid: 

⭕ Smaller than other models.

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4. Best Hitachiya USA grill: BBQ Charcoal KONRO HIBACHI YAKITORI Grill 21x9x7.8 with Cover

For strength, this grill has an additional metal strip running the length of its body. It is 24 pounds and 21″ × 9″ x 7.8″ in size. By employing charcoal, specifically Bincho-charcoal, the ratio of UV rays to fire is perfectly balanced, and the scent of the charcoal stimulates your hunger.

Built of diatomaceous earth bricks, this grill was heated to a temperature of 1000 C. This indicates that it is durable and won’t degrade even after repeated use.

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To regulate the temperature, there are air vents. If there is adequate airflow, you can use this grill both indoors and outside.

Reason to buy: 

Far-infrared radiation effect, excellent durability and thermal insulation

Waterproof and UV-resistant cover.

Reason to avoid: 


5. Best value: Kinka BBQ Diatomite Charcoal Grill Barbecue Hibachi Stove 77 x 23cm BQ8T Konro yakitori Japanese

The Kinka charcoal yakitori grill has a grill over a container for holding charcoal. The grill also features heat-controlling vents that are adjustable. The grill is sturdy and doesn’t have any moving parts that could malfunction.

The 32.28 by 10.63 by 9.45-inch Japanese BBQ grill is a good size for grilling meat for five to seven people. The grill produces excellent grilled results since it does not use hazardous liquid fuels like convectional grills.

The large surface area will make it possible to simultaneously prepare a variety of meats and vegetables. Diatomite earth, a material resistant to heat, is used for the outside.

The extra-large handles make moving it simple. To retain heat and ensure consistent cooking, it has three movable vents on the front. There are three separate cooking grates included.

Reason to buy: 

✅ Large yakitori grill

✅ Easy to clean

✅ Diatomite exterior

✅ Oversized handles

Reason to avoid:

⭕ Expensive

6. Best durable: BBQ Charcoal KONRO HIBACHI YAKITORI Grill DIATOMITE Stone 12.5x9x7.8 with Cover

A Japanese charcoal grill with outstanding heat insulation and toughness is the Hitachiya. The grill is reinforced with a metal strip running the length of it. It weights 24 pounds and has dimensions of 21 by 9 by 7.8 inches.

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The yatokiri grill may provide the customary flavor and aroma by employing charcoal. For the grill to control airflow, there must be space and vents. In addition, you may cook anything on the grill, however chicken, steak, pig, fish, and vegetables work best.

BBQ Charcoal KONRO HIBACHI YAKITORI Grill DIATOMITE Stone 12.5x9x7.8 with Cover

Customer Reviews

Reason to buy: 

✅ Heat insulation

Reason to avoid:

⭕ The grill requires area and vents to control airflow


After trying out several Japanese charcoal grills, we have concluded that the best Japanese charcoal grill is the Konro Grill.

This grill offers a unique and traditional Japanese cooking experience that cannot be replicated by any other grill on the market. It is made from high-quality clay materials that retain heat and moisture, allowing for precise temperature control and even cooking. The Konro Grill also features a unique design that allows for ventilation and airflow, creating a perfect environment for grilling and smoking.

In addition, the Konro Grill comes with several other useful features, including a compact and portable design that makes it easy to transport and store, a large cooking area that can accommodate a variety of dishes, and a durable, weather-resistant finish that makes it suitable for outdoor use in any climate.

While the Konro Grill is a high-end option, its performance, authenticity, and features make it the top choice for anyone looking for a Japanese charcoal grill that offers unparalleled cooking precision and versatility. Its unique design and construction make it a long-lasting investment that is sure to impress any outdoor cooking enthusiast who appreciates traditional Japanese grilling and smoking techniques.

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