Triple Yeti Blast – Upcountry Beverages

Today’s recipe isn’t just an adult salute to the Orange Bird, it’s a shout-out to my Mom. Hi Mom!

You see, when we went to Disney’s Animal Kingdom back during Princess Half Marathon weekend, the first thing I said was that we needed to find these epic margaritas.  

I’d seen them online, I’d heard tale of how awesome they were, and while I don’t drink often… When I do, you can be certain it’s probably a specialty margarita.

Once we got through the gates, the hunt was on. Yes, we went through the pretenses of eating breakfast and waiting to a more dignified alcohol-ordering hour so as not to be judged for wandering around with huge, colorful margaritas too early in the day (we held out until noonish… Or 11am… Somewhere in there)… But really, we were on the trail pretty early.

The plus side about ordering one of the most popular alcoholic drinks earlier in the day is there’s no line. The negative side about trying to order one of the most popular alcoholic drinks in a park earlier in the day is that without the line, you may not be able to find where they actually sell the stuff.  

Finally, we broke down and asked somebody for directions… And the directions made absolutely no sense and we ended up at a samosa cart (the samosas were good though… I had them on another trip).  

After a bit more wandering, we desperately pleaded for any sort of help from a cast member who I think was actually teaching people how to write their name in Hindi. She knew where to go. And just like that, we found ourselves by a little cart-like building called Upcountry Beverages, kind of off to the side, waiting behind a guy who ordered 6 ice waters (?!) for our margaritas.

Fun fact – you can’t get ice water there for drinking. Just margaritas. I love this place already.

Watching them put this together was a marvel. The lady was so detailed, precise, and really made sure all of the levels were well-represented and even. As the gentleman who was just rejected his water order looked on in silent judgment, my mother and I took our first swig.

Fireworks. Explosions. The stuff was insanely good and worth the epic trek to find and the disgruntling of unsatisfied water drinkers. Not too sweet but perfectly flavored in such a way that you could clearly pick out each individual flavor from each layer. My mother swirled her up for this symphony of frozen tropical fruit flavors that were perfect and not at all muddy, where I went the purest route and enjoyed the perfection of each layer one-at-a-time.  

Towards the end of the margarita, I may have insisted I perfected the perfect way to get a full swig of all flavors without mixing it by simply inhaling as I pulled the straw up… But hindsight being 20/20, I probably only thought it was a good idea because I had just enough of the margarita to not care if I looked a bit silly. Did I mention, I’m really not a drinker at all?

Now, whenever I see this drink, I think of the laughs I had with my mother trying to track

down a drink that we were starting to think was as mythical as the yeti, laughing at my goofy idea of getting perfect sips, and looking at my mother aghast as she actually stirred her drink as opposed to enjoying one layer at a time. I’m sure it’s a “you had to be there” moment for everybody else, but for me it was pretty much the most fun I’ve had at Animal Kingdom.

That is, until we get to part two of the story, where I drank mine too fast so I could make an Everest Fastpass reservation and I ended up doing Everest with a blinding brainfreeze then sitting on a bench afterwards feeling totally nauseous, regretting so many choices that I had made just before getting on the ride…

But my Mom thought it was funny. Actually, I think she went and ordered another one when I was on the ride…

Triple Yeti Blast - Upcountry Beverages


Recipe type: Drinks

As is served at Upcountry Beverages, Disney's Animal Kingdom


  • Kali River Mango Margarita-

  • 1 part Sauza Gold Tequila

  • 1 part mango puree

  • 3 parts sweet and sour

  • Splash of Rose's Lime Juice

  • Ice, for blending

  • Maharajah Lime Margarita-

  • 2 parts Sauza Gold Tequila

  • 1 part triple sec

  • 3 parts sweet and sour

  • ½ part agave syrup

  • ½ part water

  • Splash of Rose's Lime Juice

  • Ice, for blending

  • Bali Hai Strawberry Margarita-

  • 1 part Sauza Gold Tequila

  • 1 part strawberry puree

  • 2 parts sweet and sour

  • splash of Rose's Lime Juice

  • Ice, for blending


  1. Make each margarita individually and separately by blending all ingredients along with ice.

  2. To create the Triple Yeti Blast, add a layer of Kali River Mango margarita to the bottom of a glass. Carefully top with a layer of Maharajah Lime Margarita. Finish with a top layer of the Bali Hai Strawberry Margarita. Serve immediately.

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