This may be the perfect fried chicken recipe. It’s sweet and savory, which a delightful thing and and of itself, but it also makes chicken so crispy that you can hear it when you take a bite.

It’s also practically fool proof, so even people like me who’re cursed when it comes to fried chicken can make something that looks like it was made by Gordon Ramsay.


I should mention, it’s positively ridiculous how happy this recipe makes me. When we book our Disney vacations, we get those fantastic little booklets that has the breakdown of what our trip entails, vouchers, coupons, and other fun little goodies.

When that booklet comes in, I tear through it like a maniac, wishing and hoping for one thing… The Planet Hollywood meal voucher.

I know it sounds ridiculous, but it’s a $20-$25 coupon for anything at Planet Hollywood. There’s no order minimum, no restrictions… Just basically a free $25 for food.  Being a lover of saving money, free things, and food, this appeals to every part of my being.

I wish I could tell you how many times we’ve cashed this in, gotten a meal or several appetizers, and left paying only cash for the tip. For awhile, it was our goodbye tradition to get sandwiches at Earl of Sandwich to go (for the plane naturally), then wander over for our free Planet Hollywood meal.

It was there I discovered these fantastic little chicken tenders.

Have you ever had chicken that has a solid crunch like a bag of chips, a delectable sweetness that reminds you of Saturday mornings in front of cartoons, and all the stomach hugs that come with good fried chicken?

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If you haven’t, you need this in your life right now.

One of the cereals that Planet Hollywood uses in this chicken I can’t mention specifically by name, and it doesn’t have a generic name that I can point you to.

It’s too bad, because the mascot for this cereal is a real CAPTAIN of the industry, famous for its buttery CRUNCH.  It’s sometimes available with a faux “berry,” but you won’t need that version for this recipe… Oh, how will you ever know what cereal to get? This is the first time I’ve made fried chicken where it came out looking like something out of a magazine.

Maybe it’s the northerner in me, but I’ve never been able to get that delectable crunch, the golden color, and the moist interior that’s signature for fried chicken.

But with this? Totally nailed it.  It was fantastic and the flavors were just exactly as I remembered.  It’s this fantastic mixture of the familiar and the nostalgic, delivered in a way that’s entirely fresh and new. Sweet without being overpoweringly so, a fantastic crunch and a coating that’s to-die-for, there isn’t anybody who won’t fall in love with this chicken.

This easy-to-make, golden and delectable chicken is the stuff of dreams. Try it and I promise you’ll be the hero of your dinner table.

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