This weeks odd theme comes from a brain cramp on my part, paired with dumb luck. I had initially planned on making this a week about fruit and the various fruit dishes that you find around Disney. Sounds like a great theme, right?

Well, in a fit of productivity that’s somewhat uncommon for me (I like to do my cooking on Sunday for the blog and then spread it out over the week), I started doing my cooking on Friday, making two out of the five dishes and having all the ingredients for the other three ready to go.


Then Saturday night (because such realizations always come at night when you’re trying to sleep) I was feeling quite proud of myself for being so far ahead of my normal schedule when I realized that two of the dishes I’d made had coconut… And that coconut isn’t a fruit, it’s a nut. D-oh!

I briefly considered keeping it fruit week and just explaining my embarrassing mistake in mentally identifying a coconut as a fruit, but that seemed like such a lame excuse for correcting my mistake.

Then I thought of shelving the two recipes and saving them for another week, but one recipe I made was so delicious and universally loved in my household that it seemed a shame to not share it.

That’s when I realized, everything I’d made had either lime and/or coconut… And voila! A theme was born.

Yes, it’s an odd theme created out of a combination of desperation and laziness, but hey, I think it works and it’s given me a great set of dishes, perfect for summer.

Also, this week or next, I’ll be trying something a little new and different. Either Friday or Saturday I’ll be featuring a recipe that fits with the theme of the week, but isn’t a “Disney dish,” but we feel it should be.

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This is something that I actually started on one of the forums I chat on when I made a dinner, shared the recipe and said “this was so good, they should serve it at Disney.”

Then other folks started sharing recipes for meals they thought should be served at Disney.

From there, an inside joke turned into fun board on Pinterest where all sorts of people started submitting their “they should serve this at Disney” recipes.

As sort of a salute to this fun and eccentric group of recipe collectors, I wanted to give some of the recipes they’ve submitted something of a test run, then put it up to a vote… Should Disney put it on their menu?

I can’t wait to share my new dishes and I’m really looking forward to this week. And I think what started as an odd solution to a mistake has turned into one of the most fun, and delicious, theme weeks I’ve done.

Have fun!


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